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Operation Sealion - enda en AAR

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Ble Medlem: 12 Jun 2012
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Bosted: Rørvik

InnleggSkrevet: 12 Jun 2012 11:40    Tittel: Operation Sealion - enda en AAR Svar med Sitat

Pz. Lehr Mech Inf VS 7th Armour Lorried Rifle Company in Gloucester

The Lehr and the Desert Rats fight a Pincer Mission in Gloucester. I played the Lehr while my friend, Merete, played the Desert Rats. First of all I have to apologize for having to proxy some of the british units with mid-war desert units, as well as the Thunderbolt proxying for the Typhoon.

Pz. Lehr Mech. Inf. (1200 pts)
HQ – with Tank hunters
2 Gep. Pz. Gren platoons – full sized
4 PzIV
2 AA – in armoured half-tracks

7th Arm. Lorried Inf. Comp (1205 pts)
2 Lorried Inf. Platoons – full sized
1 HMG platoon – full sized, with HMG Carriers
1 Scout Carrier platoon – 3 Carriers
1 Armoured Platoon – 3 Cromwells, 1 Firefly
1 Artillery platoon – 4 25pdrs

We rolled for Pincer as the mission.

Set up
The objectives were placed one on each side of the river dividing the table.
The brits placed the HMGs around the objective in the field, on inf. Platoon in the village and the artillery in the safety of the boccage at the end of their deployment zone, relying on their good range for the rest of the game. The rest was held in delayed reserves.
The germans decided to push all their forces for the objective in the fields, and deployed accordingly.

First and second turn
The Germans get the first turn, being the attacker in this mission. They advance toward the fields on the other side of the tree line on the edge of the road, at the same time trying to take out the observer on the bridge, and the PIAT team close to the bridge. They fail to do so, and instead push on toward the corn fields. One of the Gep. Pz. Gren platoons launch an assault on the PIAT by the bridge, but are pushed back by stiff defensive fire. The Germans also loose one half-track and two inf. Teams, and are pinned.
The Brits open up artillery fire on the tanks and send in their planes on the AA guns and the tanks. The arty is ineffective, while the planes manage to bail one AA.

Third and fourth turn
The Germans continue to push towards the objective in the fields, half-tracks dropping (after being attacked by the planes) of their passengers who continue on foot straight into the field of fire of the HMGs.
The HMGs gun down 50% of the German infantry, but the grens continue to press on closing for an assault. The Pz IV and infantry pin the HMGs, and the grens launch their assault. Still the HMG manage to stop the assault, and nearly decimate the rest of the grens. The grens still hold on, passing their platoon morale check.
After surviving another barrage from the 25pdrs, the panzers and the AA guns move up towards the HMGs, take out 2 of the guns and launch the panzers in assault. The tanks manage to wipe out the guns, and holds the objective.
The British reserves arrive finally (armoured platoon), and the position themselves in order to take out the PzIV, since they are not able to move up to contest the objective. They, however only manage to take out one tank and bail another. The artillery and the British infantry manage to reduce the other Gep. Pz. Grens, forcing them to make a morale check, which they fail.

Fifth turn
The panzers then start their holding the objective, thus giving the axis the victory. With two platoons lost, the germans earn a 4-3 victory.

Result: Axis win 4-3.

A few more pictures:

A British Heavenly Palm of Righteous Fury trying to stop the germans holding the objective.

The very effective 25pdr artillery.

Germans holding the objective. The bailed out tank close to the objective remounted at the start of the last turn, after I took the picture.
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